Self-Healing Retreat Testimonials


“My favorite part of this program was experiencing Dr. Cropley’s absolute passion for inspiring and challenging each participant for believing in their innate power for healing ourselves. He created an atmosphere in which the synergy of the group was an incredible source of energy to explore the relationship between the way we communicate with our bodies and the ultimate effect this has on our health.”

“My favorite part of this weekend was working in small groups.  I was nervous to be vulnerable in front of such a large group, and the group exercises were excellent ways for me to let down my guard and experience the vulnerable feelings.”


“I would highly recommend this program to anyone who has struggled with the frustration of chronic illness that has not found answers using conventional medicine.  Dr. Cropley’s commitment to them path of self-healing will greatly benefit anyone who has suffered from anxiety and depression who are looking for more powerful alternatives.”


“I would recommend this course to anybody and everybody. The most beneficial skill we can obtain is the ability to self-love and connect our mind and body. Everybody could use the time to reflect and gain a better understanding of their true self. “


“Anyone who wants to live a healthy and happy life should nor miss the opportunity to attend this course!”