After forty years of seeing patients as a Naturopathic Doctor, and guiding clients on their journey of self-healing, I’ve discovered what makes the difference in bringing about health and happiness. Many people know what they ought to be doing to improve their health, but struggle to take powerful action. There are two optimal ways to go about this:


Support Groups

The Radical Self-Healing Support Group is a community of like-minded individuals working together to heal our bodies and live more vibrant lives. You'll get clear on exactly how you want to feel in your body and mind, create a 2 month plan, and then with great kindness we support and hold each other accountable for living out our plan one day at a time. Start your journey today!



The Radical Self-Healing retreat is designed for you to take charge of your own health and happiness and free yourself from the struggles of disease and suffering. Come spend a weekend at the peaceful, quiet Shambhala Mountain Center, and get the tools and support you need to permanently shift your unsustainable habits.