Physician, Heal  Thyself

an online Course in self-healing For Doctors and Health professionals.

Next Session - May 14th - July 2nd, 2018



Do you yearn to teach your patients how to heal their illness by using their own Power to self-Heal? 

How essential is it to you to live what you teach?

Are you compromising your own self-Care to meet the demands of work, school, family? 

Physician Heal Thyself- A Course in Self-Healing

This 8 week interactive online course teaches the essence of vitalism.

Join us and learn to have powerful therapeutic conversations for approaching all states of health and disease. 

discover your innate instinct for self-Healing aka Vis and use this power to transform the way you live and practice the Medicine. 

learn to Heal using the 3 universal medicines which you will express through the 4 Practices of Self-Healing.

use compassionate listening and authentic speech to cultivate deep, healing relationships with your patients. 


This education will deepen your relationship with yourself, your patients, and your clinical confidence. 


You are a health care professional on the leading edge of Natural Medicine. In this course you will markedly improve your self-Healing practices, and place yourself in front of others to courageously live a life devoted to Healing. 

You will LEARN TO:


  • Learn how to guide your clients through the challenging aspects of following a protocol. Most importantly guide them into a vitalistic and sustainable lifestyle.

  • learn SELF-HEALING by healing YOUR OWN BODY mind




  • Witness amazing clinical results & grow your clinical confidence

Most of all, you will learn to live your medicine, and sustain great health for yourself, your family and your clients.


This interactive program is for Naturopathic Doctors, Health Professionals and Naturopathic students.  

Program Details

Physician Heal Thyself  (PHT) is an 8 week interactive online program. (PHT) is a behavior-based approach that encompasses three essential aspects; Learning the art and application of vitalism & Self-Healing, practices for implementing this art both personally and professionally, and peer support. PHT brings you practical and authentic tools & support for living a healthy lifestyle amid the demands of school, family and work. The self-healing skills that you will learn, directly translate into the ways you work with patients. 

Commitment  - May 14th - July 2nd, 2018

  • Listen to the prerecorded discourse (approximately 30 mins) anytime before the Monday night live forum.
  • Live Forum on Monday evenings 7:00 pm MST (April 30th- June 18th)
  • Optional - One call per week with your support dyad
  • Optional - Check-ins with your dyad for collaboration & accountablility

  • Optional - Additional coursework and resources are included each week
  • Optional - Continue with us in the forum and with a dyad partner for ongoing professioanal support and community partnership


 $395.00 includes all course material

*Students receive a $100. discount

*If you withdraw from the course before it begins you will receive a full refund minus $100. No refunds are available after the course begins. 

*Group discounts available. Contact for more information

*CE application pending


“Charley Cropley is a living embodiment of naturopathic medicine. If you are interested in expressing the absolute power of your Self and transmitting within the context of a patient/doctor relationship, there is no greater example. I first met Charley five years ago, and he has never ceased to amaze me, support me, and guide me with the most tender and loving hands in awakening to the absolute majesty of vis medicatrix naturae.”  – Node Smith – Association for Naturopathic ReVitalization

“My time with Dr. Cropley has changed me in ways I could not have expected. The biggest insight I gained through our work together is that I am my own healer. Only I can heal myself. The loving, honest and strong person within me has infinite power to create amazing change in my own life. Our time together helped spark a change in how I view myself and my body and has encouraged me to continue choosing self care over and over again. As a medical student in a rigorous program, my view of "physician, heal thyself" has been greatly expanded. I am thankful for Dr. Cropley's fierce and loving dedication to his work, his patients and his own well-being. He embodies the healing power of naturopathic medicine.”  - Savannah Bukant

“Living and working with Dr. Cropley for a week was a true joy. The time we spent together gave me a thorough understanding of his practice and lifestyle which are beautifully interwoven. He really walks the talk. I learned what it looks like to engage in the arts of living each and every day via many conversations about philosophy, eating and shopping together, seeing patients, participating in business meetings, and having fun! I would recommend this program to any ND student who wants to get back to the roots of naturopathic medicine with a fantastic teacher, mentor and friend that is Dr. Cropley.” - Melissa

I ended up taking this quarter off of clinic to *restore my VIS* and I will be finishing up my last 4 clinic shifts this summer. Every day I see more & more how the medicine I share with others is that which overflows from my own personal healing journey. Learning to properly care for oneself is absolutely the core of our medicine – – I can’t thank you enough for our time together and everything you have taught me!” - Rachel

Dr. Cropley brings 40 years of teaching and living his work. We look forward to working with you in this life-changing 13 week interactive online course.