One Week Intensive

Integral Naturopathic Medicine & Radical Self-Healing with

Dr. Charley Cropley, N.D.

I am honored that you are interested in working with me. Part of your work here will be collecting and organizing what you learn in a way that explains my work to patients, future preceptors or interested doctors.  

Before you apply, please spend time on my website reading the blog, watching videos and exploring the courses I teach. 

The cost of the intensive is $1500. This includes your food, lodging (with me), use of my car and a bike.  

During our week together, you will design and complete a project that benefits our clients, or furthers this work.  Examples of this are:

  • Create a handout, article, blog post or video about an illness or therapy.

  • Communicate with inactive clients to discuss their Health and encourage their Self-Healing work.  

  • Gather testimonials from clients by engaging them in meaningful conversations about their experience.  

Additionally you will have one or several interviews with Dr. Cropley that you will record and/or write up the questions and answers so they can be posted on a blog or social media.  Ideas for these interviews are.

  • You ask the questions that most interest you and would be of interest to other NDs or lay persons wanting to understand the work of Self-Healing.

  • You interview Dr. Cropley discussing what you learned from observing one or more cases. I.e. how Healing emerged in the case and the clinical skills that stewarded this Healing.  I.e. What did the patient learn or do; or need to learn or do, and what did Dr. Cropley do or not do that facilitated this?

To Apply for this One Week Intensive learning opportunity, fill out the form below. You will be contacted regarding acceptance and next steps in the process. 

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