Unique Benefits of the Naturopathic Approach


How I Work with You

I am an educator, first and foremost. I will teach you how to take care of yourself and how to stop injuring yourself. I work with all forms of chronic disease and illness. Regardless of the name given to your illness I treat you as a totally unique person and I design a individualized program of care especially for you.

Your program includes education in the following areas.

  1. How to nourish your body using wholesome nutrition.
  2. How to build strength, flexibility, and endurance and how to relax and sleep.
  3. How to think in ways that feel great and motivate you to take powerful actions to restore your health.
  4. How to communicate with all people in ways that build closeness, trust and real caring—listen deeply and compassionately and speak of your own experience authentically and kindly—so that others understand you and you too feel understood.

Our Initial Visit

Your initial visit will take place over two session times. These two sessions are dedicated to understanding you and helping you understand my approach. I’ll inquire about your present health concerns, study your medical history, health history and health related behaviors to discover what brought you to your present state of concern.

I inquire about your beliefs, as well as your motivation and desire to heal. I look for the obstacles you must overcome to improve your habitual ways of eating, thinking and healing. Gaining a thurough understanding of what type of treatment will most help you, generally takes us two visits.  


Continuing Care

After our initial visit, my typical client will see me every other week, usually for 30 to 60 minutes.  During each visit, you are given a specific lesson to study along with a practical assignment to do for the next two weeks.

In addition to individual instruction, I also offer group instruction through conference calls, live classes and support groups. This combination of office visits, personal and group instruction and support is remarkably effective. As you improve the ways you eat, think, and live, your health problems unfailingly improve.


My Unique Methods

I follow a method which I apply to every person.  These are principles which guide my decisions.

I teach you to view your body’s problems not as a foreign and malevolent “illness or disease,” but rather as intelligent and purposeful expressions of your body. You will learn to relate to your body more as a person or an animal, rather than some unintelligent thing and without feelings like a car.

Hormonal imbalances, a weak immune system or blown out adrenals are not the true cause of your problems. The root we are searching for is found in the ways you live your life and care for your body - in your lack of caring and compassion for yourself, and inability to direct your own actions.

Your own kindness and honesty will change your life and heal your body.