Is This for You?

I am a Doctor and Teacher. It is my mission to empower you to tap into your own Self-Healing abilities. I teach you how to improve your Health and happiness by improving your behavior in the areas of eating, thinking, moving and relating.

  • My central work and teaching is that you are Self-Healing.
  • You have the power to Heal your disease and suffering.
  • You do this by the power of love and intelligence which you express in the practical activities of eating, moving, thinking, relating.


Conditions I Work With

I work with every kind of disease and disorder from Lupus, MS, Cancer to Candida and everything in between. But, I do not treat the illnesses. I treat the person. 

In my practice I do not attempt to cure a so called "disease", but to heal the self-injurious behaviors which cause and perpetuate most disease. Specifically, the ways you eat, move, think and relate.  Healing absolutely requires that one develop the power to govern their own actions wisely; to stop doing what harms them and to cultivate behaviors that nourish, rest and strengthen. I provide each individual skillful instruction to find her own self-Healing power and make significant changes in her behavior. This manifests unfailingly in improved Health. 

I design a highly individualized protocol specifically adapted to the uniqueness of each client, and provide an education based on your needs.


This is the right fit if:

  1. You are open to changing your accustomed ways of living.
  2. Self-improvement interests you. You want to study and learn new practices.
  3. You are more interested in engaging in a healing process than pursuing a quick fix, a prescription, or a pill. 
  4. You see your body's symptoms as your body trying to communicate with you rather than as something to be destroyed by drugs or surgery.
  5. You are keen to understand how your own actions are causing your illness rather than focusing exclusively on a diagnosis that merely labels your symptoms.
  6. You already engage in self-caring practices such as nutrition, exercise, meditation etc. 
  7. You feel excited by the prospect of learning powerful, intelligent ways you can Heal your own illness.