Is This for You?


Conditions I Work With

I truly do not treat “illnesses” per se. What I am trying to “cure,” or “heal”  is not a so called “disease,” but the self-injurious behaviors which cause most “diseases.” Specifically, the ways people eat, move, think and relate.  Healing absolutely requires that one develop the power to govern their own actions wisely; to stop doing what harms them and to cultivate behaviors that nourish, rest and strengthen. Each individual needs skillful instruction to find their own power and wisdom to make significant changes in their behavior.

I design a highly individualized protocol specifically adapted to the uniqueness of each client, and provide an education based on your needs.


I work with the following health problems:

Persons Who Are Healthy and Want to Grow More Alive and Vital

You do not have to be sick to get better!  Health is like playing music.  You can improve endlessly and it only keeps getting better.  I welcome those of you with the desire to be as Healthy and Happy as you can be.  I can teach you to significantly improve your eating, exercise, thinking and relating.  In so doing, you will find increasing pleasure in your body, mind and relationships.  Being strong and radiantly alive is the surest prevention and insurance against illness of all types.


Chronic Degenerative Diseases - Diabetes types 1 & 2, arthritis, coronary heart disease, elevated cholesterol, chronic fatigue syndrome, and cancer.

My methods nourish and strengthen the body as a whole entity. They are not directed at one particular organ or “disease”. My clients experience marked improvements in how they look and feel, and many are soon able to reduce their medications and avoid invasive medical procedures through this holistic approach.


Digestive Disorders

Such as ulcers, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn’s and gastroesophageal reflux disease, ulcerative colitis, gall bladder and liver problems, diverticulitis, constipation, and hemorrhoids.

Most digestive disorders are enormously improved by improving what you eat.


Weight Loss and Obesity

Because of my emphasis on nutrition, I have worked intimately with thousands of people who are overweight.  I have taught courses in weight loss from three weeks to one year long.  I have a deep understanding of the unique psychological and self-esteem challenges faced by people who are overweight.


Pregnancy, Infants, and Children Under Three

I delivered my own two children at home and raised them without the use of any medications or immunizations. In my practice, I have helped hundreds of women to have healthful pregnancies and births. My “Healthy Baby” program begins 9 months before pregnancy and extends through nine months of pregnancy and the first nine months of your infant’s life.


Hormonal Imbalances in Women

What you eat powerfully alters your hormonal balance. My individualized nutritional protocols markedly improve nutritional balance for most women.


“Incurable” and Difficult to Diagnose Health Problems

Instead of focusing on treating conditions that baffle medical diagnosis, I focus on what I know with certainty can be improved: basic food intake and digestion, elimination, circulation, and mental/emotional stress reduction. By improving these essential physiological functions, virtually everyone will feel better and most patients can reduce their medications.

I work with a wide array of illnesses, and provide practical, high-quality individualized education in how to nourish and take care of your sick body. I do not dispense “cures” because I do not believe in them.

You can improve the problems of your body by improving the ways you care for your body if you are willing to put forth an honest effort. You will be pleased with your body’s response and I will welcome the opportunity to share this education with you.

Do any of these speak to you?


Is this for you?

I am eager to work with good students. If you are eager to study and practice powerful self-healing skills and learn how to heal your own body by your own actions, then I will challenge you on every level.  Health requires the same commitment as building a good marriage or fulfilling career. Health is the most precious of life’s gifts. You must truly want it and be willing to pay the price in Nature’s currency — love and caring.


We might not be the right fit if:

  1. You don’t want to have to change your accustomed ways of living.
  2. Self-improvement does not interest you. You don’t want to read, study, learn or practice.
  3. You are looking for a cure, a fix, a prescription, or a pill rather than engage in a educational process requiring study and practice.
  4. Rather than seeking to understand how your own actions might be causing your illness you are want to focus exclusively on discovering a disease process other than your behavior that explains why your suffering.
  5. You have very little self-discipline. You do not already engage in self-caring practices such as nutrition, exercise, meditation etc.

If you're the kind of person who wants to grow and heal...