How I Work With You

My approach will restore your body's natural, regenerative, and self-healing functions.

It is the actions you perform repeatedly throughout your day that damage or strengthen your health. I teach that...


Illness is not a mystery

Every illness has real, knowable causes. You discover those causes by learning to listen to the language of your body and how s/he speaks to you through her illness. 



Self-love and self-understanding are key

By loving and understanding yourself you gain incomparable power to transform your behavior. Your behavior is the missing key you are seeking to Heal your body. 



Your body is innately self-healing

Your body is a living miracle. By learning to listen to her, you become less reliant on doctors, medicines and supplements. I specialize in teaching you to listen. 


In working together you will learn:

  • A comprehensive understanding of how your behaviors & choices significantly contribute to your present state of health.                                                                                                                                 
  • How to heal your body and your symptoms using practical skills of eating, moving, thinking and relating.                                                                                                                                                          
  • How to master your behavior and transform your habits with kindness. 

Regardless of the name given to your illness, the root causes lie in your behavior. I will treat you as a totally unique person and design a individualized program of care especially for you.



Reviews from past clients:

Every time I talk to him, my confidence grows. He cares deeply for his patients’ well-being... It is a true privilege to have his guidance. I hope his life-affirming influence keeps reaching more and more people.
— past client