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Food Is Your Best Medicine: GROUPS

Food Is Your Best Medicine Group Course is an 4-week, 5 session complete & comprehensive training program that jump starts a transformation in your relationship with food, hunger and eating. You will learn how food affects your energy, mood, and  physical symptoms. This program will teach you fundamentals of a basic eating regimen and teaches you to establish a basic wholesome eating regimen, purify your body of metabolic toxins thru juice fasting & bowel cleansing, identify food allergies and integrate what you learn into a sustainable way of eating. 

All Session are video sessions.  These are the dates:

Session  are at 9 AM MST

Saturday, April 8th:  Chronic Disease & The Wisdom of Illness

Sunday,  April 16th:  Fevers, Infections, and Acute Illnesses

Sunday,  April 23:  Habit, Craving, Addictiveness & Self-Mastery

Tuesday, May 2nd: Kindness & Truthfulness in Eating

Sunday, May 7th: Defend the Conquered Ground    

Personal Diary

Food Is Your Best Medicine

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