The Body

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Your body understands no jesting; She is always true, always serious, always severe; She is always right, and the errors and faults are always those of man. The man incapable of appreciating Her She despises; And only to the apt, the pure and the true Does She resign Herself and reveal Her secrets.              


Your body is a living mirror of you—of your attitudes, your wisdom and your ability to care for yourself. It is born of the union of earthly and cosmic forces: sunlight, food, water, air, sound and ineffable Spirit. 

Your body is a living miracle, as is every physical manifestation of the universe. S/he has been developed for you over billions of years of purposeful, conscious evolution. She is the pinnacle of creation on this planet. 

As universal daughter she is family and in community with all that lives, all creation. She is born of, nourished, instructed, protected and loved by everything that surrounds her. In practical application your body knows how to thrive on earth, in the universe. Your body grows, designs, organizes, sustains and loves within an environment of universal care. 

Being by nature Self-Healing, your body makes no mistakes. 

She is always right. Her wisdom and goodness are beyond the mind’s comprehension. Yet, rather than trusting and adoring her, most people are blind to her intelligence and kindness. They use her as an instrument of pleasure. Under this abuse she weakens, becomes sick, ugly and addicted. She turns into your worst enemy, and your life becomes consumed by caring for her afflictions. 

Your body knows what she is doing when she gets sick. A hangover is a simple example how she uses illness as an expression of her Self-Healing wisdom and compassion. The symptoms of a hangover cannot be cured because they are the inescapable consequences of alcohol poisoning. The hangover is the cure. Drinking excessive alcohol is what is to be Healed, not the hangover. This sickness exists in your mental, emotional and social bodies as well as the physical. Healing of all your bodies flows from spirit, i.e. from self-compassion and self-understanding. A hangover is a cry for compassion and understanding. So is cancer, obesity and depression. 

Illness is a wise and benevolent teacher. 

Understanding this enables you to work with illness as a painful ally rather than fearing and fighting your dis-ease. By listening to your body as the voice of the universe, you become poised to receive her perfectly personalized instruction. 

Can you see how your body is a mirror of you? She is a living reflection of a lack of compassion and understanding causing selfish and foolish exploitation of your body. Though this may be hard to hear, it empowers you to change. Your body depends on you to lead the way. Her dis-ease is not meant to destroy you, but to awaken you to how precious she is and to treat her as such. 

Let trusting her be your guiding principle.

The core instruction, or plea, is that you would recognize your body as deity, possessed of the same character and capabilities you express through your heart and intellect. Her intent is that you come into loving relationship with her and treat her as yourself, as intelligent, caring and wanting the same good things that you want.

Misunderstanding your body leads to endless fear and confusion.  

As you transform your perception of your body, you learn to relax into a relationship with her of intelligent trust, mutual love and respect. She becomes your beloved friend, no longer a thing or object without character, feelings, desires or needs. Your body becomes human, a living being capable of and eager for relationship with you. She is to be listened to, her directions heeded, her needs respected. If you ignore her, she ignores you. If you abuse her, she abuses you. You sink deeper into a medical quagmire seeking advice and therapies to Heal what is innately Self-Healing.  

Your body knows instinctively and automatically how to bring forth Health, beauty, vitality and happiness—everything you crave.  

It is she who knows how to live and thrive on earth. Remember she is billions of years old. Raised and loved by her universal family. As you come to recognize and appreciate who your body is, you will find her to be a living mirror of your own love and intelligence.  

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