The Benefits of Fasting

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The benefits of fasting surpass that of any other “therapy”.

Here are but a few of the many uses and benefits I have experienced.

Check this list and see if you identify with any of these.

  • Fasting annihilates acute illnesses. It is THE remedy for:

colds, sore throats, flus, bladder infections, ear infections

  • Fasting reduces stiffness and pain in the joints

It markedly increases the effectiveness of body work and chiropractic

  • By fasting you overcome cravings, break addictive habits and regain your appreciation and desire for natural foods.

  • Fasting provides deepest rest to the vital organs.

It restores both energy and enhances sound sleep.

Very beneficial for persons who are deeply fatigued. 

  • Fasting rapidly heals heartburn, gas, bloating and diarrhea.

I use it with remarkable results in Crohn’s disease, colitis, ulcers, GERD and all digestive disorders.

  • Repeated fasts markedly improve most chronic diseases.

e.g. Arthritis, Diabetes, Auto immunity, Chronic Fatigue, Cancer, Heart disease, atherosclerosis, Thyroid disorders, and many more. 

  I could list many, many more benefits.

 Despite its miraculous Power to Heal, fasting is not a cure.  Rather, fasting is a natural activity essential to Health. It is no more nor less a cure than is sleep, sunlight, air, eating well and exercise.  I consider each of these to be true panaceas.  Used skillfully, fasting benefits every function of your body and mind.  It does so more rapidly and safely than any other “therapy” I know of.