An Inspiring Young Heroine

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Dear friends,

This is an email from Hussna, a young woman who is a CU student.  She is a devout Muslim who

speaks here of the challenges and victories in striving to be True to herself and her

Self-caring disciplines while being home with her family.


Hello Dr. Cropley,
Please see attached photo of my family crowded in the living room to watch the
I showed my whole family (everyone that was in town) the video Food is Your
Best Medicine. It was hard to get them all in one room because many of my
siblings have kids. But I managed with the help of God and I showed it to 11
people. At first their commented where “Hussna how long is this video?” or ” I
won’t be able to stay for the whole thing”.  But as soon as I started the DVD their
eyes were glued to the screen and everyone stayed and watched the whole thing.
Before we started i passed put the worksheet to each person. It was fascinating
that everyone rated themselves a 6 on their current diet and one person rated a

One of the questions was ” what influences your food choices?” and my
brother in-law wrote “My wife”. And he is so right, and I made it a note the
reasons why I wanted to show this, because for my sisters and sister-in-laws
that if they are the ones providing the food, then they need to know what is the
best way to feed themselves and spouse to feel health and happy.
My mom really benefited from the video and she was very proud of me to sit
everyone down and educated them on their bodies and the digestive system.
One of my brothers has digestive problems so he was all ears during that part as
well. After the video I opened up for a discussion, and there was a comment
from my brother in-law saying ” this makes sense to because in Islam we are not
suppose to put posions in our bodys, and I see this an extension of that wisdom,
that these unnatural sugars for example are posions to our bodies and we
should be cautious  of them.
Overall I do not think they will adapt this lifestyle the way I have. However I have
created a new door in their minds and it is up to them to open it. Also this video
allowed them to know what it is that I have been doing and can understand me
better and work to support me in this journey, regardless if they decided to join
or not.

Dr.Cropley, Everyone said that I looked amazing and that I lost weight. But they
saw more than a slender body. They saw my discipline, they say how I did not
put my workout secondary. 6 out of the 9 days I did a simple light jog, I did my
yoga, sit ups and push ups. They saw me make my own food, they saw me
reading “health” books. And most importantly to me…. they saw me announce
that it was time to pray and gathered the family for prayer. I would say I passed
the one week test of life away from Boulder, now my next goal is to last three
weeks away from Boulder but living as I do here.
I look forward to seeing you on Friday.
Sorry I do not have time to edit my e-mail. on my way to class!