Little Known Facts About Weight Gain

Reading time: 2 min


1. You do not become fat because of eating too many calories.

Rather it is the TYPE of calories/foods you eat.  Generally processed carbohydrates are the primary problem.  However there are other important factors.

2. Eating a low fat, low calorie diet is one of the surest ways to make you gain weight.

It also causes elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and depression.

3. Your body reacts to a lack of calories by becoming hungrier and more tired.

She stores fat to protect herself from starvation and from developing diabetes and other more serious illnesses.

4. Your body also reacts to exercise by making you tired and hungry. (If you are overweight)

Exercise helps you lose weight only after your metabolism is corrected.  Prior to that exercise makes you more tired and more hungry.  Therefore much more likely to fail.

5. Eating fat does not make you fat.

High quality fats restart the body’s ability to burn fat.

6. No matter how few calories you eat, if they are from the wrong types of foods you will NOT lose weight.

No matter how many calories you eat from the right types of foods YOU WILL STILL LOSE WEIGHT.