Sanitas: Boulder Center for Integral Naturopathic Medicine


The vision of Sanitas: Boulder Center for Integral Naturopathic Medicine (BCINM), is to rebuild Kellogg’s historical in-patient clinic, integrating modern technologies to offer the community of Boulder an Integral Naturopathic Medical Center. BCINM will be the first of its kind in America since the 1940’s, when allopathic medicine began us down the rabbit hole which has brought us to the frustrating and limited medical system many of us battle through today.



BCINM radiates Health and the joy of living. It is a center for healing, revitalization, and enjoyment.  Our core clinical staff are elder Naturopathic Physicians collaborating with the finest Health care professionals from all medical disciplines.  We care for all manner of illness and collaborate closely with local hospitals and physicians of all disciplines.

Did you know that at the turn of the the twentieth century, Boulder, Colorado was an internationally recognized destination for Natural Healing?

Dr. J.H. Kellogg (of Kellogg’s cereal) established the Boulder-Colorado Sanitarium, in 1895. The sister to the renowned Battle Creek, Michigan Sanitarium. This state of the art clinic, at the base of Mount Sanitas, served to heal patients from around the globe. At the height of holistic healing in the previous century, the Boulder-Colorado Sanitarium set a precedent of health and wellness in the city of Boulder. Health remains a clear and unwavering priority for Boulderites.

The grand vision of the project includes a 100-bed inpatient facility offering the finest diagnostics, therapeutics, education and research informed by Naturopathic Principles.  


Integral Naturopathic Medicine:

The Integral Approach is the work of Ken Wilber, arguably the most renown, prolific and influential philosopher/teacher of our time.  Ken has created an all-inclusive or integral map that includes the best elements from all schools of medicine.  This map integrates all the known systems and models of human Healing—from traditional medicines such as herbalism, homeopathy, acupuncture and physical medicine to modern breakthroughs in genetics and cognitive science.  We apply the Integral Approach to every aspect of our clinic including our diagnostics, therapeutics, research, patient and community education; as well as how we organize, govern, fund and resolve conflict.



These services will be available to the entire Boulder community. 

  • A 100 bed inpatient facility.  
  • An out-patient clinic offering the full scope of Naturopathic medicine.
  • A premier restaurant, offering the finest and most nutritive menus, sourced from local farms and grocers. 
  • Beautiful gardens offering solitude and Healing. 
  • European hydrotherapy spa; including pools, saunas, steams, therapeutic baths, sprays, wraps and massage.  
  • A “gymnasium” for physical education and dance
  • A large auditorium for public education and community entertainment.



A central principle of Naturopathic Medicine is Docere: The Physician as Teacher. 

BCINM strongly emphasizes patient education as the foundation of Health and offers both community and individualized education in four major areas of living:

Eating, Movement, Thinking and Relationships.

Each area will have its own architectural structure, i.e. a restaurant, gymnasium, auditorium, classrooms etc.



Our funding, like every aspect of The Sanitas Project, will be informed by Integral Naturopathic principles and practices.  We are collaborating with physicians and experts in the fields of Health Insurance, Direct Primary Care, local government officials and community organizers to design our funding model.  This will likely include a membership model with sliding scale options.  Private donations, research grants as well as crowd funding are all being pursued.

Within months Boulder Center for Integral Naturopathic Medicine will be expanding into a new location with several other NDs and Health professionals.  Next we will grow into a 10 bed in-patient facility and finally into our 100 bed facility.


A Community Model of Self-Healing:

Our present system of conventional medicine and medicine for profit is unaffordable, ineffective and unsustainable.  Amid the corruption and degeneration of our present system, a new, more integral medical paradigm is emerging within conventional medicine itself and within all schools of medicine: Naturopathic Medicine, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Osteopathy.

Boulder is already a Mecca for Natural Healing.  As a community we avidly embrace and live the principles and practices of Integral Naturopathic Medicine.  BCINM is a solution based medical model that integrates the best from all medical disciplines.  We interface seamlessly with the present medical system and with other community hospitals.  We diagnose and treat the root causes of illness – physical, mental, social, emotional.

BCINM is the natural evolution of a new model of community Health care that is more effective, sustainable, affordable and democratic.  We are a community movement asserting our collective Self-Healing Power. Our funding, organization, leadership, all are determined by our members.