Unique Benefits of My Naturopathic Approach


My Unique Methods

I teach you to view your body’s problems not as a foreign and malevolent “illness or disease,” but rather as intelligent, purposeful expressions of your body. It is the difference between approaching your body as you would a friend vs approaching her as if she were a car or computer.

Most medical diagnoses such as Hypothyroidism, MS or Crohn's disease are only labels. They do not explain the true cause of your problems. I search out the roots of your illness in the ways you live your life and care for your body. I will teach you how to direct your own actions in a way that supports healing.


How I Work with You

I am an educator, first and foremost. I will teach you how to take care of yourself and how to stop creating the cycle of illness. I work with all forms of chronic disease and illness. Regardless of the diagnosis you have been given I approach you as a totally unique individual and I design a individualized program of care especially for you.

Based on my investigations during our first two one hour visits, I will explain to you the metabolic changes taking place in your body and the ways your past and present behaviors are causing your illness.  I will present you with a personalized program to restore your Health.  Together we will agree on the length of the program, frequency of visits and cost that best meets your needs. 

Your program includes education in all or some of the following areas.

  1. How to nourish and detoxify your body using personally designed eating practices and fasting.
  2. How to build strength, flexibility, and endurance; with equal emphasis on how to deeply relax and sleep more soundly.
  3. How to think in ways that feel great and motivate you to take powerful actions to restore your health.
  4. How to communicate with all people in ways that build closeness, trust and real caring. Learn to listen deeply and compassionately and speak of your own experience authentically and kindly—so that others understand you and you too feel understood.


Continuing Care

My typical client sees me between once a week and every other week, usually for 30 to 60 minutes. During most consultations, you are given a specific lesson to study along with a practical assignment to practice for the next two weeks. E.g. watch this video on nutrition and follow this specific eating regimen. Or read this article on clarifying your values then do an exercise to clarify your 5 top values..  

In addition to individual instruction, I also offer group instruction through conference calls, live classes and support groups. This combination of private consultations, group instruction and support is remarkably effective. As you improve the ways you eat, think, and live, your health problems unfailingly improve.